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Tips for a safe life on the internet

Always have an active and up to date antivirus and firewall software.

Never give out your email passwords.

Never listen to unsolicited phone calls.

(no company will ever phone you out of the blue).

Never let anyone remote access your computer unless you know exactly who they are.

Passwords should have a mixture of upper, lower case letters, include at least one number and if possible use symbols as well.

Parents should always be aware of what their children are doing on the internet.

Network setup

New to the internet?

Well give us a call and we can guide you through the whole internet setup.
To begin with we can help you choose which company you wish to use to supply your internet connection.
Once your equipment arrives, if you feel that you can't set it up yourself then we will come to your house and set up your internet and any E-mail programs you wish to use.
If you feel you need some guidance on using the Internet for surfing or E-mail then we will provide some simple starter lessons to get you started.
To give you constant  protection while your using the world wide web, we can advise and supply Anti-virus and firewall protection, to ensure you feel confident and safe while using the web.

Internet Problems

Problems connecting to the internet can be caused by many reasons 

  • Modem / router problems
  • Phone line problems
  • Password problems
  • Browser issues.

I can visit you and assess your problem, most of the above problems can be resolved there and then on site, some issues involving phone line problems that need to be resolved by the phone or internet company, but they will always pass the buck. So I can pinpoint the problem which will speed up the third party companies action.