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The PC Geek

For all your PC repairs and PC Maintenance

From time to time your PC may stop working or begin to slow down, this can be caused by several reasons:

  • Old parts.
  • Programs to big for the parts to handle.
  • PC has not been maintained properly.
  • Faulty programs not functioning properly. 
  • Faulty components

I will come to your house and establish the cause of the problem and if possible  to resolve the issue on site. If  more detailed work needs to be carried out then I will take the PC away and repair it, then return the PC when it has been fixed. 

Upgrading or replacing old parts

When it becomes obvious that a part is either not working or not capable of doing the job you require then we can upgrade or replace parts. 

Sometimes this can be a expensive option so before any work is carried out we will give you a realistic quote, give you the option of new or refurbished parts. If we believe the work is not worth the carrying out, we will advise you of this, giving you other options.

We have a wide choice of suppliers and can provide a supply of parts dependant on your needs, if you need a part next day or you would prefer to keep the cost down longer delivery, then we will provide which ever suits you best.

Maintaining your PC

I provide a very competitive health check service;  which involves:

  • Full  program check to get rid of useless  or pointless programs
  • Full cleanup of your hard drives
  • Full organisation of your files.
  • Full Antivirus check.

Additionally to this service I will advise you on how to perform these simple actions yourself, so if you prefer to do this yourself it can reduce future expense.